Supporting wellbeing and emotional resilience among postgraduates


This is the final report of the 'Troublesome Encounters' project funded by the Higher Education Academy ESCalate(Education subject centre) looking at ways in which postgraduate students in education (but it is transferable across disciplines) face difficulties of being stuck, of wellbeing, of stress-

and ways in which they and their supervisors can work to support and empower  their success- in terms of wellbeing and emotional resilience,and how these relate to cognitive development as well as personal development.

There are workshop materials for both the students and the supervisors, and a toolkit,  in separate files.

The report is also available on the HEA website  and on the University of Brighton Centre for learning and teaching website since it was work Charlotte Morris and Gina Wisker completed at Brighton and with several other universities in the UK.


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supervising students

supervising students

For those interested in the supervision of graduate and undergraduate students